Polyethylene manholes

Polyethylene manholes


Manholes (manholes) are used as technical buildings for inspection and cleaning of the sewerage network and consist of three parts: inlet tipper, manhole body or inspection room and manhole floor. Manholes are installed at distances of 50 to 150 meters and in places where there are changes in the direction or size of the pipe with significant changes in the values ​​of the pipe. Manhole designs (concrete, brick, and plastic) used in sewer systems are usually standardized, and most large cities use these approved designs.

Since we have several options regarding how to implement manholes for sewer lines; Therefore, it will be necessary to examine them qualitatively and determine which one is more efficient according to the conditions of the region.

Important features of polyethylene manholes are:
Long life
Save production time
Easy to install and run
Resistance to pH changes
Height adjustment
Light weight and easy to move
Pressure resistant
Impact resistant
Abrasion resistant
High flexibility
UV resistant


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