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From 2012 until now

History of activity in the field of pipes and fittings

Ghadir louleh Pasargad Company

Ghadir Louleh Pasargad Company considers it its duty to produce good quality products and will try its best to satisfy the customer.

why U.S

For a better and more appropriate choice, you need experience if you are the experts of the old company of Pasargad pipe for you for free, if you only choose the atmosphere if you use and the right time for your product and your project in the best way Manage use


One of the main goals of ghadir louleh Pasargad Company is to produce a quality product. Quality product is your right, dear customers, and we consider this our duty.

Production and delivery

Production and timely delivery is one of the main pillars of any industrial company. As it was said, the production and delivery of the scheduled time for ghadir louleh Pasargad Company is one of the main pillars of the company.

Experienced experts

In every business and field, an experienced expert is needed to guide the dear customer properly by advising and sharing his knowledge, knowledge and experiences of many years.


Thanks to your support and support, dear customers , ghadir louleh Pasargad Company not only operates in the country but also exports and operates its products internationally.